Parents of preschool and kindergarten students may have heard of the term “Sight Words,” but not many people outside the educational profession are acquainted with the term.

Sight words are a set of very common words that competent readers distinguish right away and repeatedly. The list contains many of the small, connective words such as “who”,”where”,”be”, “of”, “the” and about 100 more. These words commonly appear on almost any page of any book. Students must know and learn these sight words well to prepare them to read. Automatically recognizing site words enriches a student`s consistency, competency and ability for reading.

It is very important to get your child familiar with sight words early in their preschool years because it will help prepare them to excel at reading. To help your child recognized sight words, show them a word or words and have them try to remember them. Do this every day. Be consistent. To obtain sight words, you can either Google ‘The Dolch Sight Words List’ which is the most commonly used set of sight words and create flash cards of your own using index cards or purchase them at a local educational learning store or online. Click here if you would like to set up a consultation with mySmartChild.