Potty Training Young Child Blog

When Should You Start Toilet Training Your Child?

A parent should start to toilet train their child at about 2, 2 1/2 or at the latest 3 years old. You will know if your child is ready. They will show signs like wanting to go sit on the toilet, or maybe their diaper would be dry. But take it step by step, if you do begin to potty train your child, try to clarify what you are doing with your child so that he/she is aware of it and so you don’t face trouble doing the toilet training. Make it fun for them. Make a reward chart for them and post it on the wall. Every time they go on the toilet and do their business you can put a sticker up on the wall or have small prizes to give them. But never, ever punish or reprimand them if they have an accident. It’s all part of the potty training learning process