children playing with flower

Play is an important factor of growing up and it is believed that it’s vital to make sure that children achieve their full perspective towards life. Parents don’t always appreciate the significance of imaginative play though, and in this viable world, the appeal is to prevent your children from “wasting time” and use the time to what they think is more productive use. For a child, nevertheless, there is no more beneficial action other than using their imagination while playing. When scrutinizing the significance of play, mostly if you’re persuaded to bring in a more “meaningful” activity such as flash cards, educational computer games or dancing lessons, you should take into consideration the following points:

• Playing allocates a young child to be “responsible.” Think about this — in their daily lives, they are small and incapable, at all times being told what to do, and how to do it. But here without an adult around, they are organizing a show.

• Play aids children to learn about the world around them. They are able to explore and check their theories, spatial relationships, survey cause and effect, communal roles and family values. These are the significance of play, which are very much effective for children having a healthy and merry life. Playing builds confidence and self-respect. Children will repeatedly play at something they know they can do well, at which they can be unbeaten.

• Play builds social skills. Children will start playing with lifeless and non-threatening objects, such as soft toys, bricks etc., and enrich their interactive skills. Later, playing with other kids will put up this base as they learn to share, take turns, emphasize themselves and begin to empathize with others.

 child imagining play in a couch castle

Lastly, don’t forget to judge the significance of motivating your child’s ingenuity and imagination; from making a castle in the sand, to playing dinosaurs, to making a toy house with a shoe box, to cooking foods with the toy kitchen and dressing up as a king or queen. All these play activities let children widen the limits of their world and allow them to experience the fun and imaginative role of play in their lives.

Now, next time you put your child in front of a computer or let them play a game on your cell phone, think twice and just let them “play”…good old-fashioned “play!”