There are both pros and cons to children playing video games. As a parent, appropriate stability and close observation of your child while they are playing video games is advisable. In general, a child should play a minimal amount of video games.

Video games for children have been contentious ever since the launch of Pong in 1972. They seem to have taken away the tradition of good old-fashioned child’s play. Some children are no longer willing to use their free time to play outside and participate in physical activities which so much more important.

Possibly the reason for having video games is that they are more handy and available. They are apparently more entertaining, but I believe that kids want that just because they do not know what they are missing. They do not understand the creativity, imagination, exercise, and fresh air that is right outside. However some of the pros and cons are discussed below:

The pros of playing video games:

  • It gives out instruction
  • Problem-solving
  • Implementing logic
  • Hand – eye coordination
  • Fine motor and spatial skills
  • Management of resources and logistics
  • Mapping
  • Practice in making quick decisions
  • Simulations of real life experiences
  • Attaining achievements ( levels, scores )
  • Teamwork
  • Social with friends
  • Boosts interest in stats and scoring which could help in math

The cons of playing video games for children:

  • Encourages isolation from interacting with other children at times
  • Potential for isolation from one’s home environment, parents and society
  • Discourages activity and exercise ( except for Wii like games )
  • Scarcity of imaginative thoughts
  • Questionable values inherent in some games
  • Encouragement of aggressive behavior
  • Risk of health problems for instance obesity, video-induced convulsion, muscular and skeletal disorders.

As long as the parents monitor the number of time children spent playing video games and the amount of time as they play outside then it’s a win-win situation.