Invented spelling is not exactly an approach for writing, but a way of helping to get rid of obstacles in the path of young writers. But, there are some drawbacks to invented spelling:

1. Sovereignty. An invented speller doesn’t have to seek help for the correct spelling of every word he doesn’t know.

2. Effortless and potential writing. Children can innovate within their stories and play on the paper without interruption to look for correct spellings. By means of invented spelling, writing must not be the shortest space between the title and “the end.”

3. Efficient instruction. By appliance of system about the relationship between sound and symbol, children apply and adjust themselves at a speed and a level of difficulty appropriate to their skills.

Overall, children of elementary school age are more often encouraged to attempt invented spelling, as it helps them to focus on the main idea of writing: conveying the message ( function over form ). Ultimately, as they learn the system of spelling, they’ll start to relate to them and make the move to more standardized spelling.