Why It Is So Important To Read To Your Baby?

Reading to your baby is important. Why is it so critical? An infant can understand more than you can imagine. While reading to your baby, he/she hears you with many mixtures of emotions and expressive sounds, which nurture social and emotional development. Reading aloud to your baby also grabs your baby`s attention to look, point, and touch, all of which enrich social development and thinking skills. Reading aloud also helps your baby’s language skills by enabling them to imitate sounds, helping them to recognize pictures and learn words.

Additionally, reading aloud to your infant is important because it teaches him/her what communication is all about. It introduces them to concepts such as stories, rhymes, numbers, and alphabet shapes in different and enlightening ways. It creates listening, memory and vocabulary skills for the infant. Finally, reading renders babies information about the world around them. A great book ( and a classic to boot ) is Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. Try reading Goodnight Moon or your favorite baby books that you remember growing up with to your infant. It will make a lasting impression on their development and it is rewarding for you as well! And if you’d like some coaching / mentoring on raising your child to be an exceptional reader, contact child educational consultant Bonnie Rosenstein!