About mySmartChild and Our Founder

mySmartChild.com and its accompanying mySmartChild book series are a much-needed, high-quality resource for parents of young children who want to learn more effective ways to teach their children the basic skills needed for their age group and how to strengthen their child’s current skills for higher learning.

The home is a critically important learning environment. A strong foundation at home is imperative academically, socially, and emotionally for every child. The main focus of mySmartChild is to provide educational strategies to help parents of young children—ranging from newborn through the elementary age—enrich and foster a good strong foundation of skills. To help children succeed in life, parents need to provide a loving, warm, and secure environment in the home, as well as an educational and enriching atmosphere. From the moment a baby is born, the mySmartChild program helps to prepare children for school and academic achievement.

Some parents do not know what their child should be achieving at their current age level, where to access educational materials, or how to utilize the materials they do have. Moreover, many parents may not have the time to work with their child and simply need to figure out how to incorporate the time teaching opportunities into their daily routines. This is where the mySmartChild Series can make an important difference.

Founder Bonnie Rosenstein is a certified elementary teacher with a master’s degree in education and more than twenty years’ experience in the education field from newborns up through sixth grade. Her greatest experience has been with her own two children, on which this program is based. She believes that when a parent is serious about education, has the must-have materials and age-appropriate educational products in the home, is willing to set up learning areas and implement learning activities in the home, then their child will have a great advantage in school and throughout life.


My Smart INFANT: Newborn-6 Months, the first book of the series, will coach parents specifically on how to set up and design an enriching learning environment in the home and how to utilize educational products to teach their children. The smartGuides overall are designed for children on all learning levels and ages. SmartGuides are useful for the new baby who is just beginning to learn and discover the world, the baby who needs developmental activities to grow and learn, the child who is developing at a standard rate, the child who needs extra help, and for the above-average child who needs more enrichment and advancement.

Instead of the traditional aspects of teachers tutoring students, the smartGuides will coach and train parents so they in return will have the know-how to teach their own children and enhance their education.

When you start using this resource early on with your baby, you will be amazed by how confident and successful your child becomes.