Ways to stimulate growth and development for your toddler at home…

Toddlers have a smart and great ability to acquire new skills and knowledge with lots of exposure to educational toys. Research has proven that introducing language and math skills early on may help the child to have better results in school. Let your child know their activities for the day so that they will recognize that they have your undivided attention.

The following are some ways to stimulate growth and development in your toddler:

  • Select books which are more colorful and meaningful and read to your child every day.
  • Play music often or have them use musical toys and watch them sing and dance.
  • Show and review colors, numbers, shapes, and alphabet letters throughout the day with engaging activities.
  • Arts & Crafts such as painting or gluing.
  • Gross motor activities such as throwing or catching a ball.
  • During bath time have a variety of educational bath toys that are fun for the bath. Now they are learning while getting clean at the same time.

*For more learning activity ideas and how to implement them, contact us. We would love to help!